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Lynda Malerstein, BCH
Certified Hypnotherapist

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Weight Loss Fear of Flying
Anxiety and Other Fears Writers Block
Stop Smoking Teeth Grinding
Business Improvement Performance Anxiety
Healing Back Pain Pre & Post Surgery Preparation
Relationships Passing Tests

Weight Loss

I wanted to let you know, that this week, I achieved a major accomplishment.  I am half a pound away from hitting my 50lbs off mark, and finally am in weight range that I haven't seen for most of my adult life.  When I first came to see you a couple of years ago, I knew that food controlled me, and wanted it to stop. I just thought I had a will power/metabolism issue! Since you helped me realize all the emotions that were weighing me down, the weight has come off steadily and almost easily, and I've completed FOUR triathlons!! Thanks for caring about me on a personal level, and taking the time to work with me. You went above and beyond the call, and have truly changed my life.
–D.A., Associate Producer, Los Angeles

From my first session with you I was enthralled with hypnosis. That night my high blood pressure had dropped 20 points and I went off my blood pressure medication. Also, since that first session I don't overeat any more. I don't crave sweets or the fatty foods that I used to. I just have no desire. To date, I've lost 17 pounds and I'm still losing

By the third session I felt significant improvement in my life. I am happier, calmer, healthier, more balanced, more confident, more in-tune with myself and I'm sleeping better than I have in years. You taught me to have more balance and to take the time I need for myself.
–B. C., Facilities Project Manager, Santa Monica

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Anxiety and Other Fears

I suffered from anxiety and depression all my life. After a series of difficult events, it bloomed into a severe chronic state. I had symptoms of obsessive compulsive disorder, chronic fatigue syndrome, and post traumatic stress disorder. I was an absolute wreck who could barely get out of bed to get food. Since 1997, I saw doctors, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, alternative healers and other hypnotherapists. A couple of them offered some relief, but none of them helped me on a profound level. Almost two years ago, after searching for hypnotherapists who practice the 5-Path Method, I finally found Lynda.

My work with Lynda has been instrumental in helping me regain my life back. I am a different person today. I can smile and enjoy life. My lifelong social anxiety is gone, I no longer obsess, am able to work, and experience many days where I feel “normal” now… a kind of day I never thought was possible. It is Lynda and her expertise that have saved my life, and put me on the path to manageability and wellness with my disorders. Her techniques work. Her experience with life issues give her the wisdom, insight and compassion to truly hear me and understand any subject or situation that comes up in session… and her patience and humor make it easy to trust and feel comfortable with her. I cannot recommend Lynda enough, this talented wonderful woman… I am exceedingly blessed to have her as my hypnotherapist!
–B.H., Los Angeles

I went to Lynda for anxiety issues. I couldn't sit in meetings without wanting to run out. I couldn’t fly in an airplane comfortably so I wouldn’t travel. Through hypnotherapy, Lynda helped me clear my issues and helped me understand their root causes - which would sometimes be something deep inside my subconscious mind. Lynda has given me the tools to help myself as we worked on removing layers of fear, guilt, grief etc. so I can deal with events when they happen without resisting my emotions. In fact, one of the biggest lessons I learned was that it's ok to have emotions - whatever they are!

I not only feel safe in my own skin again, but I feel like I have my life back
–P.S., Photographer, Tarzana

Thank you for helping me overcome my fear of darkness in just two sessions!! As a physician and scientist myself, I was very surprised at the power of hypnotherapy...you are a true healer.  I am no longer anxious or fearful of the night.
–BZ, physician, California

Lynda helped me overcome a fear of heights that had plagued me for years. Following our work together I took a vacation in Hawaii and flew in a glass bottomed helicopter. It was wonderful. I have come to see her several times since then for other issues and I am always impressed with how safe and cared about I feel."
–NWK, Laboratory Services Sales Rep, Brentwood

Anger Management

I'm so happy I chose to see Lynda at Power Journeys Hypnosis. I've had anger issues my entire life due to unresolved feelings and emotions. They'd go away for a while, then crop back up repeatedly. This caused a strain on my relationship and made it hard for me to feel a sense of peace and relaxation in my life. After trying everything on my own, I knew I needed outside help. I came across Lynda's Yelp page, saw all the five-star reviews, and thought I'd give it a shot. I was interested in hypnotherapy, but I was a little nervous because I didn't know what to expect. Fortunately, that went away when I realized that there isn't anything that happens that is against your will. You only bring up what you're ready to let go of. I ended up purchasing the four-session package. Honestly, I feel like I got my money's worth after only one session. By the end of the first session, I let go of something that I did not realize I was holding on to for 10+ years. On top of that, I learned a powerful technique for releasing negative emotions that I now use when they come up. Since going to see Power Journeys Hypnosis, I haven't had any anger issues. I have been managing my emotions better than I ever have my entire life. On top of that, I feel a more profound sense of peace and joy. If you're ready, Lynda will help you heal. I'm so happy that I took a chance on this. I feel like a brand new person. –Alex N.

Stop Smoking

It's been 5 years now! I feel great, and I've saved over $20,000! Thank you Lynda Malerstein and your magic hypnotherapy.

I went to her office a pack and a half a day smoker and I left a non smoker... just like that! I haven't smoked since, no withdrawl, no weight gain, no urges, no shit! lol I smoked for over 30 years...Crazy! Best money I ever spent I could not have quit smoking without your help! You changed my life!
– Dale Brown, Los Angeles

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Business Improvement

I just wanted to let you know that after just two sessions and doing my homework, of course, my sales have improved; my confidence level has risen, and the problem areas that we addressed are no longer issues for me.
–Gary Arnold, Phils Phabulous Phoods, Santa Monica

The time I have spent with you has not only been an incredible life investment but you have given me insight on who I am and my true potential. In the year since I first came to see you, I have doubled my income.

I use my new found strengths daily whether involved in negotiations with state or local governments, discussing issues with patrons, coaching team members or speaking publicly.  I will continue to push my abilities to learn and grow with the tools you have provided.
–Tracy Edwards, Manager, Torrance

I found Lynda after trying all different options. She was my last hope. I had challenges in my Day Trading career. I was unable to place a trade (due to fear of being wrong) and if I was in a trade, I would exit the trade prematurely (due to fear of losing again).

After only four sessions, I am now able to trade confidently and with a purpose. I see the money in my trading account increasing every day. She has a unique way of releasing all the negative energy that holds you back. I would recommend anyone who has blockage in their mind, but consciously knows they can achieve it, should definitely get hold of Lynda Malerstein. Trust me, you will not regret it. She is one step away from achieving business success and confidence.
-H Shah, EMini S&P Trader, Woodland Hills

“This is the first time I feel confident betting on myself and starting my own business. And this idea truly aligns with my purpose and mission to help others and empower women in the process.

Thank you so much for your support and belief in me. It means so much.”
–S. D. - Los Angeles

Healing Back Pain

After a dance class I noticed a nagging pain in my right leg. The pain got worse and for two years I suffered chronic sciatic pain on my right side, from the middle of my back to my ankle. Consultants wanted to remove a disc in my spine and chiropractors and acupuncturists offered limited relief. I visited Lynda believing that hypnotherapy might help me to manage the back pain. What I received from her far exceeded my expectations and changed my life in many ways.

Through hypnosis and other techniques, we worked on releasing negative emotions, some that I was not even aware of. After several sessions of working through these emotions and addressing their cause, the back pain started to go away. I am completely convinced that had I not visited Lynda I would either still be suffering chronic sciatic pain or would have had my disc removed. After 2 years I haven’t had any recurrence of pain and I am just about to run my first marathon, something I never dreamed of achieving before.

Lynda is totally committed to her profession and keeps up to date with all the latest techniques and approaches. This gives me total confidence to work with her, knowing that she truly is an expert in her field.
-Louise K. Shaw, Actress, Los Angeles


I came for hypnosis with Lynda because I had a lot of anger and she had some good reviews. I never thought it would save my marriage, but it did. After my daughter was born my husband and I started fighting and things got worse and worse. A lot of hurt feelings. We weren't close or affectionate any more. It is a miracle that just by me coming and being willing to let go of my anger and be affectionate with him, we could become partners again. The hypnotherapy also helped me be more assertive in my business. Best decision I ever made.
Mary P. -Long Beach

Hypnotherapy helped me unlock the door to my most beautiful dreams.

Although I wanted to get married, I realized I was dating men who were unavailable and did not want to commit. After working with Lynda in hypnotherapy I realized I was a commitmentphobe (A term I never would have used to describe myself!). We worked on removing those blocks.

The man of my dreams was living across the hall from me all along but I couldn’t see him until after hypnotherapy. I married this man and we are expecting our first child.

Thank you Lynda for your creativity, hard work, and gentleness in helping me achieve my desires to find a lifelong partner.
Julie V.–Los Angeles

Fear of Flying

My anxiety around flying had become increasingly worse. I chose to see a hypnotherapist based on my friend's recommendation. He said Lynda was amazing and specializes in these types of anxieties.

She gave me the freedom and awareness to put me towards a positive path of self healing. In addition to the hypnotherapy, Lynda also gave me the tools needed to manage my anxiety of flying on my own. She helped to identify the triggers and provide techniques to help me address them when they were happening.

Since completing my initial sessions, I have told everyone about how incredible and transformative this experience has been. My family, friends, and colleagues have all noted the change in me, which is a testament to her work. I cannot thank Lynda enough and have referred her to anyone I can who I believe could benefit from her expertise.
–A. F. -Los Angeles

"I went to see Lynda because my fear of flying was interfering with my life and getting in the way of me visiting family on the other coast. In one session she totally cleared my mind of any and all fears that I had. I walked onto the plane without feeling one bit of anxiety. EFT and Hypnosis helped me so much that I am now able to fly without taking Xanax and actually enjoy flying. Lynda really worked wonders for me!"
–Rene K., Full time Mom, Los Angeles

"I have always been afraid of flying. Afraid to a point where I would have panic attacks on the plane or cry becuase I was scared. Seeing Lynda was the best decision I could have made! I felt completely comfortable during the entire process, and felt totally prepared for my next plane ride. When I flew after my sessions I was so relaxed during the flight that I could listen to my ipod, and even chat with the people around me! I was free to fly wherever I wanted!

It sounds corny, but I met the man who is now my Fiance because of getting over my fear of flying, and we are flying to be married in New Zealand within the year!! Lynda's talents have opened up a whole new world to me that was once filled with fear. I will never be able to thank her enough! "

Thank you for excellent guidance in helping me overcome my fear of flying. I had long since come to the conclusion that my fear of flying (fear of crashing, in fact) was simply the repository for a great deal of long standing fear and anxiety about other things. After just a few sessions with you, I was able to fly relatively care-free. More importantly, I was not ridden with anxiety between flights, which in this case allowed me to enjoy a much-needed vacation. Even my wife enthusiastically commented that I was "like a different person" when it came to flying. Thanks again.
–AE, Los Angeles

Writers Block

When I first went to Lynda, I could not write; I was truly paralyzed by fear. I have always wanted to write and only recently have had the opportunity to do so. I had no idea how many old wounds were waiting in the shadows to reopen.The work she did with me was unexpected and amazing, and every day that I sit down to write, I am grateful to her. I am currently in an MFA writing program and continue to use the many techniques she taught me to remain calm and positive. Lynda Malerstein exorcises demons!
–J.F., Writer, Los Angeles

Performance Anxiety

Working with Lynda has turned my life around! I used to be paralyzed with anxiety about auditioning to the point where I would self-sabotage. Since working with Lynda I have a new found confidence. I now look forward to going on auditions and have been getting twice as many callbacks and bookings than I was before.

I continue to do the affirmation process about 4-5 days a week, usually in the morning. I find that it helps me stay focused, enthusiastic, and stay calm when things get crazy.
–Sarah Davidson, Actress, Los Angeles

I had crippling stage fright and a fundamental lack of confidence. I had played classical and improvisational flute for over 30 years, but was unable to play even the simplest song for my husband, family or any other listener. I loved dance, but despite becoming accomplished, performing was always a terrible experience! I had so much fear, so much self-berating noise going on in my head that I could not even hear the music. Those days are gone. I now have anticipation, but no butterflies. I can relax and enjoy performing, able to focus on the joy that the music and dance brings me. I play flute fearlessly. Not many people have had such a profound, positive, impact on my life as Lynda Malerstein has. She is truly gifted in her ability to get to the root of stubborn personal issues and banish them from our lives.
–Linda S., Artist, Los Angeles

Teeth Grinding

Thank you for the assistance you provided me with respect to the teeth grinding I was experiencing during sleep. It had become quite a problem. My dentist provided me with a fitted mouth guard to wear at night and it was quite uncomfortable. I was certain I was going to have to wear the guard for the rest of my life or risk ruining my teeth.

Coming to see you for hypnosis sessions has really helped the situation. My grinding is just a memory now, and I am finally getting a good night’s sleep. My jaw no longer hurts in the morning.

You were caring and sensitive during my hypnosis sessions. You always made me feel comfortable and relaxed and I felt your only goal was to help me with my problem. I will be certain to let my friends and family know about you.
–Nicholas, Film and Television Writer and Producer, Hollywood

Pre & Post Surgery Preparation

"When I was 72, I was told I needed open-heart surgery. I had a terrible fear of the unknown. Thanks to Lynda's suggestions and listening to the tape of our sessions, even while I was in the hospital, I had trust, confidence and peace of mind. I amazed my doctors with my quick recovery."
–Alan F., Retired, Beverly Hills

Passing Tests

You helped me to calm down and focus when I was studying for the bar. I just wanted to thank you for all your help and let you know that I passed! YES!
–AZ, Attorney, Santa Monica

More Testimonials

Listening to your soothing voice every night on the tapes has allowed me to get the best sleep I have had in years.
–Melody Rogers-Kelley, Television/Radio Personality, Hollywood

I have truly been amazed at the effect hypnosis has had on my life.  I have been clearing away the past in a safe and comforting environment which has allowed me to feel a sense of freedom that I have never had.  No matter what the issue, I feel that bringing it to you can help.

I feel blessed to have you in my life, and I thank you for your professionalism and your humanity.  You are a beautiful soul!
–Colleen Perry, MFT, Santa Monica

Serving Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Century City, South Bay, Culver City, Santa Monica, Hollywood, and Tarzana.

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