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Lynda Malerstein, BCH
Certified Hypnotherapist

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Hypnosis for Fertility

Can hypnosis help you overcome infertility?

You've been trying to get pregnant, and every month when you discover you have not, you feel a deep disappointment. People tell you to relax and let it happen. You wish you could but you want this so badly that you can't let go.

As much as you long to feel the joy of getting pregnant and having a baby, there may be unconscious unresolved emotions that are blocking you and keeping you from fertility success even with the best medical help. This is true for male, female and unexplained infertility.

Unconscious means that you are totally unaware of them. You are not to blame, your partner is not to blame, your body is not to blame for infertility. Subconscious blocks to fertility will never show up on an MRI.

There is a deep connection between the mind and the body. Every year new research studies are published proving that stress affects the immune system, endocrine system and central nervous system. When there is fear, the subconscious mind prepares us for fight or flight by shutting down any body system not needed for survival. The reproductive system is one of them. The drive to succeed that has served you so well in other areas of your life might be the very quality that is keeping you in the cycle of fertility tests, IVF and other procedures. Unrecognized negative emotions might be contributing to infertility.

Whether you're just starting to consider reproductive assistance or undergoing IVF treatments and you are in or near Los Angeles, hypnosis can help you be more receptive to conception. If you could get pregnant without IVF or maximize the success of your IVF treatment, wouldn't it be worth a phone call to find out more about hypnosis and fertility?

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Lynda was certified as a HypnoFertility® Practitioner in Los Angeles in 2010.

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My husband and I had been trying to conceive naturally for over 2 years without any luck. I was becoming disheartened and hopeless. I often blamed myself for the unknown cause of my infertility. We decided that it was time to take the next step and try IVF. Because In Vitro Fertilization is such a costly procedure, we wanted to do everything in our power to ensure that it worked. It was at this time that I learned about the use of hypnosis to resolve infertility issues. From the first time I spoke with Lynda, I knew that she was the real deal. She was warm and knowledgeable, and her soothing voice made me feel at ease. My subsequent sessions with Lynda enabled me to let go of whatever deep rooted fears I had about pregnancy and motherhood. The work I did with Lynda definitely enhanced my capacity to allow myself to become pregnant. I am now the proud mother of boy/girl twins who light up my life every day!



I worked with Lynda during an extremely transitional time in my life. I was newly married and my Dad had passed away. I was grieving this loss while celebrating a new chapter with my life with my marriage and was struggling to process all the different emotions. I was also trying to have a baby in my forties and had a lot of fear and limiting beliefs around my ability to do so. Working with Lynda helped me to navigate my emotions and overcome many of the limiting beliefs I had around my fertility and my body's ability to conceive a baby. I am happy to share that my story has a happy ending as at 42 years old I both naturally conceived and delivered my healthy baby boy. He is now a happy and healthy almost 11 month old! I have no doubt that the work I did with Lynda the year before my surprise conception played a big role in making the mental space for the miracle which I manifested.




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