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Lynda Malerstein, BCH
Certified Hypnotherapist

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Stop Smoking


Why does hypnotherapy help you quit smoking when so many other methods have failed?

The logic of the conscious mind is no match for the power and imagination of the subconscious.  Hypnosis goes right to the subconscious mind to change thoughts and emotional patterns that have kept you from quitting smoking.

After the first powerful 3-hour hypnotherapy session, you will leave my office a non-smoker. I will record your stop smoking hypnosis session so that you have a personalized CD to take home with you.

I will also help you learn about your smoking patterns. You will be given techniques and information to help you, to not only stop smoking, but also to help you eliminate the cravings. Quitting smoking with hypnosis is easier and has longer lasting results than any other method available for smoking cessation. Nicotine replacement never gets to the real reason why you smoke. Hypnotherapy will, and that is why you will not only quit smoking, but you will also learn techniques to help you deal with stress so that you don’t transfer your behavior to other unhealthy distractions.

In the follow up hypnotherapy sessions your new behaviors will be reinforced and you will learn to recognize and neutralize the emotions that underlie the smoking habit. You will say goodbye to the need to smoke and hello to a healthy, smoke free life. Not only will you stop smoking, but because you have neutralized the smoking triggers and have discovered new healthy ways to deal with problems, you will find a reduction in stress and a greater sense of well being in all areas of your life.

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“It's been 5 years now! I feel great, and I've saved over $20,000! Thank you Lynda Malerstein and your magic hypnotherapy.

I went to her office a pack and a half a day smoker and I left a non smoker... just like that ! I haven't smoked since, no withdraw, no weight gain, no urges. I smoked for over 30 years...Crazy ! Best money I ever spent I could not have quit smoking without your help! You changed my life!”
– D. Brown -Los Angeles


“After smoking for many years I wanted to STOP - -easy to say - hard to do! Tried patches , acupuncture, etc., all of which failed the craving habit. Saw an ad and thought that is on the other side of town - oh well - will give it a try. After my sessions with you, I have achieved SEVEN years of a smoke free life. Now is the time to use hypnosis with Lynda !!!”
– B. Benson, Oakhurst CA


I cannot thank you enough for helping me quit smoking.  I am smoke free, and never had the desire to smoke again.  I can go to a smoking environment and feel no desire to join the smokers in a puff.  I have also used the EFT technique you taught me to quit my evening cocktail hour - and it is saving me 500 calories every day, and I no longer feel the need to have a drink every evening. Great stuff - you are the best!!
– Grace Q., Entrepreneur, Los Angeles


I had smoked for 12 years. I tried everything, patches, lozenges, gums and even a self-help hypnosis tape. Nothing worked. At the end of my rope, I searched the internet and found Lynda Malerstein.

After three sessions, I'm now a non-smoker. It worked so well for me, my wife went in as well and hasn't smoked since. My whole life style is actually healthier now. In the film business, the stress level can get very high and instead of having a smoke, I do healthier things now. I have actually lost weight!

I highly recommend Lynda Malerstein for anyone who is serious about not smoking.
– Troy Duffy, writer/director, "Boondock Saints"


First time to see a hypnotherapist I wanted to stop smoking. I had tried several times over the years and nothing did it. I had heard that hypnotherapy was very big on helping smokers quit. My sessions with Lynda were great and helped me understand the emotions that triggered the smoking. We worked on the emotions a lot and to identify the causes. I am a non smoker now and I feel great. I feel strong this time and I cannot explain why. Lynda really helped me I am so grateful.
–H.B. Los Angeles


I never thought I would be able to enjoy anything as a non-smoker like I did as a smoker. I was right, but not in the way I thought. I enjoy everything I do 100% more as a non-smoker. When I went in for hypnosis, I cried for a very long time. I was sad and afraid that I was leaving my “friend”, the cigarette behind. Cigarettes had been there for me for 15 years. What would I do without them? I soon found out. I can go to do dinner with my friends and not have to get up and go outside to smoke. I can go on a trip and not get edgy and anxious 3 hours into the flight because I haven't had my fix. I am no longer embarrassed by how bad I smell. I feel in control of my life. I didn't realize how every waking moment of my life was controlled by cigarettes until I quit smoking. Now, my life is my own.

I went to Vegas 2 weeks after quitting. I was a nervous wreck about being tempted because you can smoke everywhere in Vegas. I truly felt the affects of hypnosis in Vegas. My mind set was completely different. I didn't want a cigarette, I didn't crave a cigarette. I was finally free.

So, it has now been 9 1/2 months since I quit and smoking is a VERY distant part of my past...hard to believe I used to smoke a pack a day...incredible...thank you again for everything!  I am always passing on your info to people.
–C.H., Burbank, CA


“After 22-years of using snuff (Copenhagen) products, I have finally quit the habit for good (riddance).  My tobacco and nicotine urges are gone forever.  My gums feel clean and healthy.  No more sore throats.  No more disgusting and embarrassing spit habit.  I'm very proud to say that “I'm nicotine free!” Thanks, Lynda.  I couldn't have done it without your help.”
– Chris Vansell, San Juan Capistrano, CA


Serving Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Century City, South Bay, Culver City, Santa Monica, Hollywood, and Tarzana.

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